Международная санитарная авиация

The unique laser system Eufoton LASEmaR1500™ enables to carry out minimally invasive treatment of haemorrhoids of II, III and IV degrees with retracted or fixed prolapse. A single-use laser probe has been specially developed for treatment of haemorrhoids, as it is equipped with a cone-shaped sharp tip made of silicon glass facilitating access to the area to be treated and ensures accurate coagulation of a haemorrhoidal node and recovery of natural anatomical structure.  Laser energy from the tip is irradiated at an angle of 360 degrees, which ensures a more even energy dispersion inside the haemorrhoidal nodes and does not damage the surrounding tissues, achieving safer ablation. Eufoton LASEmaR1500™ is used to eliminate haemorrhoids and to treat other proctologic diseases.

A special ring-shaped probe allows treating ruptures, pilonidal fistulas (sinus pilonidalis), polyps, and tumours.  For instance, the endocavitary laser ensures careful closure of a perianal fistula, protecting the closing muscles of the internal sphincter and mucosa. The procedure can be performed within a couple of minutes, and it can be combined with other treatments. There is no need to put a bandage on the wound or observe any special hygienic requirements.  The procedure ensures a quick recovery. 

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