Paying due respect to the overall trends in society and reacting to client wishes, we have developed a new specialized preventive check-up program “Healthy heart”, allowing us to perform fast and in-depth examinations into the health of your heart to assess and reduce risks of falling ill.

Our offer includes:

  • consultations by highly qualified doctors-specialists,
  • tests with the latest premium class medical technologies,
  • the best possible preventive measures, treatment and rehabilitation.

The health check-ups enable you to undergo preventive health tests without waiting for a disease to set in. Through regular health check-ups (if you have no complaints, these should be done once a year) you can assess and reduce any risks, avoiding further development of diseases. Such preventive health check-ups are popular worldwide and a lot of people already mark their calendars with a date when they must undergo mandatory check-ups to benefit their own health.

Program “Healthy heart” EUR 217.15-257.15

The cardio check-up programs are individually adjusted considering each client’s age, gender, current health condition, life style, bad habits and other factors.

The customized programs include various tests and consultations:

initial visit at a cardiologist’s office (i.e. extended consultation to gather anamnesis and vital indicators, discuss life style, and hear complaints). Bearing in mind the newly learned information, the physician then schedules subsequent tests,

  •  various tests,
  • electrocardiogram,
  • echocardiography (heart test with ultrasound),
  • final visit at a cardiologist’s office (assessment of test results and determination of further preventive measures/treatment approach).

 If necessary:

Международная санитарная авиация

  •  veloergometry (stress test),
  • 24-hour Holter monitoring,
  • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring,
  • cardiopulmonary stress test (to determine accurate physical abilities and limitation reasons),
  • transesophageal echocardiography* (heart test via esophagus),
  • cardiac magnetic resonance imaging*,
  • consultations by other specialists.

The tests can also be done individually pursuant to a doctor’s referral and/or patient’s wishes. 

* only pursuant to a doctor’s referral

For your information!

To assess cardiac risks, we also offer consultations by a preventive medicine specialist and genetic testing. To learn your genetic codes, it is enough to test saliva once in a lifetime. The biomaterial is sent to a European laboratory in Luxembourg where within a month an answer is prepared detailing any possible diseases and risk factors in your life. The results show changes in genes and factors posing risks of diseases. A preventive medicine specialist then assesses, interprets and explains these results and gives the patient suggestions as to what can be further done to remain healthy.

There are many options when it comes to genetic testing of cardiac health factors. There is no need for repeated analysis and tests – one saliva genetic testing is enough because person’s DNA does not change during the lifetime.

CARDIOgen test should be done if in your family there is a person with a cardiovascular disease or there is predisposition to cardiovascular diseases (arterial hypertension, increased cholesterol level, dyslipidemia or inherited heart malformation, valve stenosis, regurgitation, arrhythmia).

For consideration!

In Latvia and worldwide, cardiovascular diseases are still among the leading morbidity and mortality causes. Statistics show that in Latvia cardiovascular diseases are the mortality cause in 55-57% cases per year. The mortality rates associated with cardiovascular diseases in Latvia among patients up to 64 years of age are three times higher than on average in the European Union. However, the good news are that it is in our power to change our attitude towards our health and avert risks, treat diseases and improve health through timely tests.

Preventive health check ups can be a crucial aid to take care of your own health and that of your family. There is a reason why doctors increasingly often use the comparison with a vehicle inspection which must be done once a year; we must take care not only of our properties but also of ourselves and the most important thing of all – our health.

For those who think, why should I see the doctor if everything is fine and I have no complaints, we must remind that in most of the cases serious ailments creep upon people without them noticing anything suspicious, failing to show any symptoms for a long time. This includes heart diseases which can only be diagnosed through in-depth and specific tests. Therefore, regular cardio check-ups can literally save your life!

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